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Robert C. Saffold Scholarship Information

The Robert C. Saffold Scholarship Fund was established by Florida Non-Profit Housing, Inc. (FNPH) in memory of Robert C. Saffold, who was instrumental in assisting youth to proceed with their post-secondary education that would be beyond their capacity to reach due to their low-income status.  The Fund will accomplish its purpose by providing financial assistance with the expenses of higher training and/or college education to those who otherwise could not attend college or vocational training.  An award, of $2,000.00 will be given per student, with a maximum of three (3) students selected.  This Scholarship is administered under guidelines established by the FNPH Board of Directors.


The Robert C. Saffold Scholarship Fund us available to individuals who are:

  1.   Students at Avon Park High School, Lake Placid High School and Sebring High School.

  2.   Have a high school diploma or GED / GPA pf 2.0 or higher.

Scholarship recipients will be selected from these groups based on good work habits and the potential for vocational training and/or college level achievement.

Application Instructions

Please complete the application form to apply for the Robert C. Saffold Scholarship Fund and submit to the address listed below.  Applications will be reviewed once a year.


  • Interview at least three (3) people that knew Robert Saffold's work/community involvement.  Identify each interviewee and describe what you learned.

  • Demonstration of good work and study habits.

  • Acceptance by or current enrollment at a post-secondary Scholarship institution (Community College, Vocational School, College or University.)

  • Provide transcript that shows your GPA.

We look forward to receiving your application.  Applications are due by March 8, 2024.  Submit to:

Florida Non-Profit Housing, Inc.

ATTENTION:  Steven Brown

P.O. Box 1987

Sebring, Florida  33871-1987


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