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                             ROBERT C. SAFFOLD SCHOLARSHIP

The Board of Directors of Florida Non-Profit Housing, Inc., is forever changed because of the life of Mr. Robert C. Saffold, Sr.  A quiet spirit with a heart for his community.  Mr. Saffold epitomized the purpose for which FNPH was originally created.  To help insure a better quality of life for all those in need.  His demeanor may have been quiet, but the results of his actions speak for themselves.  Just ask the parents and children of the communities that benefited from the programs he helped to sponsor.  With Florida Non-Profit Housing, when Robert Saffold spoke, we all listened, for we knew the wisdom that was spun into his every thought.  Not only that, but we knew that he represented very well what was possible if we put our collective minds and efforts to the task of making the lives of the people we served better.

     As a Board, we will miss his physical presence, but know that his spirit is forever with us, as a guiding force.  We are grateful for having known and worked with him.  We acknowledge that the long-lived success of the organization is in part due to his influence and dedicated work.  

     It is on this basis, that we created the Robert C. Saffold, Sr. Scholarship program in his honor.  We wish to continue his legacy of making a positive difference for the community in which he lived and served.  It is our hope that in our own small way, our gesture to the young people seeking higher educational goals will help to keep his legacy alive and relevant.   

     Thank you Mr. Saffold!  May your spirit be with us always!
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